Monday, December 28, 2015

She Blinded Me: the Limits of Scientific Inquiry

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking alongside a real scientist - Harold Gans - formerly a senior cryptological mathematician with the NSA.  His talks on the improbability of the origin of life and a mathematical argument for God's direct intervention in human affairs can heard here.  My presentation on the limits (and of the manifold achievements) of the scientific endeavor can be found at the same link.



  1. At this time it is not possible to calculate the probability for the origin of life.

  2. Prof. England's opinion of how life emerges. According to him no special need for a Creator of Life. This means the the the Proof of God based on the Origin of Life would fail. SEE your prior post.

  3. No one knows how life emerged from the non living. But "we don't know" is not the same as "God did it". Even if God did, how did He do it? What was the mechanism? If you can't anything other than God did it, then don't bother!